Commercial management with Salesforce CPQ: the unavoidable solution.

28 March 2023


Do you know the case of the company that sells modular wardrobes and delivers them to the customer's home with pieces from other products and missing the necessary ones? This case is real and very common. The worst part this time was the error management, as the customer had to go to the store several times, make the complaint, and request the pieces personally. In addition, they had to make several calls to ask if they had arrived, as there were no stocks. It took more than a month for the customer to receive the requested references, and the wait resulted in a lot of energy invested by the customer to get their wardrobe assembled, causing frustration and a negative review for the company. All of this could have been avoided if they had Salesforce Sales Cloud's CPQ tool.

CPQ, the tool for generating quotes and more

CPQ (Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting) is a very useful and comprehensive tool for companies that sell configurable and complex products or services.

If the furniture company had integrated CPQ into its system earlier, the management could have been streamlined and the user would not have been so inconvenienced. Once an increase in complaints was detected, the furniture company got serious and activated the design and implementation of Salesforce CPQ, which changed their lives.

What were the benefits of applying Salesforce in the furniture company?

CPQ Wardrobe

Slow quotes

We can present more cases. For example, a company that implements renewable energy systems with Salesforce is growing rapidly and has gone from 5 salespeople to a sales force of 100 people simultaneously making quotes in a short time. How can they ensure that the criteria are homogeneous? It is also possible that one of their challenges is to reduce the time spent on each quote, as the information that each salesperson needs to prepare the proposal is in different sources.

Thanks to the implementation of a Salesforce CPQ solution, with just a few clicks, salespeople can gain agility because they can get a guided solution that answers their questions. With CPQ, the company has various functionalities that provide great agility:

  • Product catalog type price book that allows grouping by categories.
  • Discount management
  • Features to streamline recurring purchases.
  • Subscription management

Bottlenecks: another CPQ challenge in the sales cycle

Sometimes, in organizations, commercial processes cause bottlenecks. It is possible that it is not the IT processes but the commercial processes that cause problems. Often, the issue is in the management review for quotes and orders. If the manager who needs to approve the quote is busy, the decision can often be delayed for several days. By the time the quote is approved, the customer has gone elsewhere.

All of these problems can lead to margin erosion, low customer satisfaction, and employee frustration. None of that is good. We have been researching and have identified that the latest Salesforce CPQ systems follow the trends to solve the most common challenges in sales processes:

  • A step towards self-service and omnichannel support
  • Vertical specialization, with CPQ systems that are industry-specific
  • Built-in intelligence to drive personalized service for customers
  • A focus on the user experience: solutions should look good and be easy to use

To make your company more scalable and competitive, Albira Solutions can help you with the design, implementation, and support of a Salesforce CPQ system. Furthermore, we can include this service in the Process Management section of the Digital Kit, which provides assistance for SMEs to digitize their processes. Regardless of the approach, we guarantee personalized training and support to ensure a smooth transition towards commercial success. Salesforce offers customizable premium solutions that we can configure in just a few days or weeks, depending on the size of the company, but the benefits are always impressive.

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