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Recent projects


The COVID-19 pandemic challenged educational institutions, including the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), to adapt swiftly. In response, ALBIRA Solutions introduced a cloud-based anti-plagiarism tool and real-time chat, enhancing UOC's educational operations.


X-Elio, a solar energy company operating in over 10 countries, enhanced its Human Resources management, including performance evaluations and salary negotiations, with MERITUM from ALBIRA Solutions, a Salesforce-based application, revolutionizing its HR processes.

Good Rebels

Good Rebels, a renowned Spanish marketing agency, improved its Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement setup with the help of ALBIRA Solutions, which conducted a thorough audit and implemented strategic enhancements to fully align the agency with industry best practices and achieve its digital marketing goals.


Anelair, a leading company based in Malaga specializing in electrical and air conditioning installations, overcame its operational challenges in document management with a custom application from ALBIRA Solutions, leading to more efficient tracking and control of its projects.

Clm Asesore

CLM Asesores, a prominent firm of lawyers and economists, has enhanced its digital presence with an SEO-optimized website and improved online positioning on social networks and business directories. These improvements have made their comprehensive legal, economic, and tax advisory services more accessible and effective.


Blueknow, an e-commerce leader founded by Lino Bort and Santi Ameller, improved its sales management and customer retention using SaaS solutions. Facing challenges in quoting and billing processes with Salesforce CRM, ALBIRA Solutions assisted by implementing Salesforce CPQ and Easy Invoices, automating these tasks and centralizing sales management.

Royal Polo Club of Barcelona

The prestigious Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, established in 1897, actively promotes physical and sports activities across various disciplines, including equestrianism, hockey, padel, polo, and tennis. To enhance member satisfaction, the club sought a reliable partner for the support and maintenance of its Salesforce platform, ultimately selecting a team of experts to refine its processes.


The e-commerce company Natuka, which promotes canine health with high-quality natural products, successfully implemented the Odoo CRM system, integrating it with Shopify to improve efficiency and monitoring of their commercial processes. This change has enhanced the relationship with their customers and has significantly increased customer satisfaction and sales.

What clients say about us

I highlight the flexibility and professionalism of ALBIRA Solutions, especially their great team, which managed moments of stress effectively. The implementation of their product significantly improved data management and internal processes.

-Irene Laguna-

Gerente de Personas en X-Elio

Irene Laguna

It was a pleasure to have worked with the Albira team. We carried out a digitalization of processes project, and the experience and results were fantastic. Thank you.

-Juan Jesús Martin Ruano-

CEO at Anelair

Juan Jesús Martin Ruano

Thank you very much for a flawless job.

-Marta Masdeu-

Business Development & Marketing Manager at Estiluz

Marta Masdeu

ALBIRA Solutions has exceeded all our expectations. They helped us digitize student evaluations with a secure and customized solution that has revolutionized our assessment process. The professionalism, dedication, and exceptional customer service from ALBIRA have led us to recommend them to any educational institution looking for effective digital solutions.

-Ricard Mateu-

CIO at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Ricard Mateu

Complete work, personalized attention and unbeatable service.

-Rufino Pozuelo-

CEO at MRC International Training

Rufino Pozuelo

At Blueknow, we faced the challenge of automating the journey from opportunities to billing. Thanks to our collaboration with ALBIRA Solutions, we have managed to automate a process that was previously manual and centralize another that was decentralized. As a result, all management is now carried out on a single platform, Salesforce. The ability to adapt has been the key factor that has made the difference in working with ALBIRA Solutions.

-Santi Ameller-


Santi Ameller

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