CRM: the definitive step forward in managing your business data

20 December 2022

CRM Christmas

CRM: the definitive step forward in managing your business data

What is the level of digitalization of your company's marketing and sales tasks? Does your team manage the business through Excel spreadsheets and macros? Do you know how many times a large volume of data entry may have overwhelmed your collaborators? Sometimes, even when working in the cloud, manual errors can occur. A tool like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can solve undesirable incidents, turning the implementation of a new system into a real relief for all members of the business, not just for marketing managers or sales teams.

Beyond marketing

To understand this with an example, we can observe different scenarios: a company with a large volume of information and a low level of digitalization may unknowingly be slowing down and hindering data updates due to obsolete management based on filling in Excel spreadsheets, investing hours and hours in uploading information. In these cases, the company may lose control at different key moments, such as budget management, due to poor contact tracking. Thus, visibility may be lost from management about the work being done in different departments, not just commercial or marketing-related ones.

When you've heard of CRM but put it off for later

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it may be time to become definitively familiar with the CRM concept or, in other words, the customer relationship and contact manager for your database. It is software designed to manage customer information for businesses or other types of organizations. A CRM records all information related to customers or contacts, both on an individual and organizational level, as well as their interrelationships.

Salesforce and Hubspot: the two major options

Different CRM platforms can be found in the market. Today, Salesforce and Hubspot stand out among the most consolidated. Seeking the opinion of an expert can help the company choose the most suitable one for managing their business.

A new intuitive tool for customer management

We have been talking about CRMs for over 20 years; it is not a new marketing tool by any means, but we can affirm that digital transformation still needs a certain push in our country's companies and organizations. In this context, some companies may have considered it, aware of their need to take a step forward in business management but have put off implementing a CRM. It is interesting to note that today, most CRMs on the market offer a user-friendly digital platform with an accessible learning curve.

Although not a new business management tool, most CRMs in the market today offer a digital platform in which the company or organization can migrate all business leads for data optimization purposes.

The provider who is also a user

At Albira Solutions, we are CRM platform providers, but we also practice what we preach: we have this system implemented for managing the company and can speak from experience about the benefits of a CRM. In addition to managing processes for marketing and sales, such as lead management, we have implemented budget management and other processes commonly used in the human resources department. In this vein, we have created an employee portal from Salesforce, where collaborators enter hours worked, costs, or vacations. Ultimately, the reporting of this data allows us to calculate and optimize project profitability. We also use the tool to manage support services and emails through which incidents are reported and billing is managed.

What are the advantages of using a CRM platform?

They are enormous. First of all:

  • It helps you segment your database, allowing you to create much more effective and efficient marketing campaigns.

  • It manages email campaigns to your leads within a campaign plan.

  • It automates processes in different platforms and interfaces. For example, it allows you to send messages with very precise calls to action, such as accepting a quote and the consequent activation of an order through mobile or notifying a salesperson to attend to a potential customer who has shown interest.

All of this saves time for collaborators in tasks that don't generate value, so they can focus on those that require their talent.

Additionally, at Albira Solutions, we apply Customer Success, meaning we provide continuous support to the user company of the CRM platform, so they can get the most out of all its functionalities.

A new opportunity

Now, with the arrival of the Digital Kit, a great opportunity arises for SMEs to boost their digitization, in order to gain profitability and better business management. At Albira Solutions, we are accredited as digitization agents, so we can offer solutions to SMEs within the framework of the Digital Kit, such as in this case, the implementation of a CRM platform. Contact Albira Solutions and we can offer you a tailor-made proposal. The options are endless, customizable, and very flexible, according to the needs of each company. Without a doubt, the time is now.

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