Why Odoo? Does it genuinely offer  value for the money?

04 April 2024


Before delving into why Odoo and whether it truly offers value for the money it costs, let's understand how Odoo is unique compared to other ERPs in the market.

What makes Odoo different from other ERP software/solutions?

The uniqueness of Odoo lies in its ability to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for managing various business processes, whether for SMEs or larger enterprises.

What value does Odoo provide?

There's no need for multiple software investments: Odoo covers it all!

On average, SMEs use 16 SaaS applications (<50 employees), or 24 SaaS applications (50-100 employees).

As you can see in the image below, Odoo has an application for every business need. You don't need to spend money implementing Shopify for your website, and you don't have to worry about implementing QuickBooks for accounting.

Implementing Odoo will save you all the additional software implementations and investments, offering you everything essential to manage your business under one system.


Odoo offers 82 official applications, totaling 902 modules, along with over 39,717 community applications to help meet your unique business requirements.

Odoo's app store is the largest in the world!

Odoo has 39,700 applications available in its store, while Salesforce AppExchange follows with 4,250 applications.

This means that Odoo can cater to the needs of a larger company with over 1000 users and an emerging small business with a database of 18,583 and 1 user.

Moreover, Odoo caters to a broader range of industries: Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, NGOs, Services, etc., across all segments: ERP, CRM, Accounting, Websites, Point of Sale, e-Commerce, Human Resources, etc., for all countries.

Shopify for Website

EN Shopify.png

Salesforce for CRM

EN Salesforce.png

Mailchimp for Marketing

EN Mailchimp.png

LightSpeed for Point of Sale

EN Lightspeed.png

QuickBooks for Accounting

EN Quickbooks.png

So, if we consider choosing standard/basic plans across all the aforementioned software, here's how your investment would look like:

  • Shopify: 27,00 €
  • Salesforce: 25,00 €
  • Mailchimp: 18,68 €
  • LightSpeed: 69,00 €
  • QuickBooks: 17,00 €
  • Total: 156,68 €

This price does not include third-party integration costs if the user requires them, nor implementation charges for each software.

Here's what the pricing structure of Odoo looks like, including the 82 essential applications to run a business:

EN Odoo.png

With Odoo, you can have all the essential applications/modules to efficiently run your business at a single price.

So, why Odoo?

Major industry players such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and NetSuite attempted to cater to SMEs as well as larger enterprises but failed due to:

  • Complex architecture.
  • Complex pricing and higher implementation costs.
  • Lack of flexibility or easy customization.

-** Not modern **enough to compete with the modular structure of the software.

On the other hand, Odoo addresses all the aforementioned shortcomings, paving the way for growth in the coming years:

  • The flexible and modular structure of Odoo offers users **independent modules **that can be seamlessly integrated. It simplifies the overall architecture and allows companies to implement only the necessary modules.
  • Unlike other companies in the industry, Odoo offers a Community edition that is completely free and open-source. This reduces initial costs for businesses, especially SMEs, as they can start using the software without paying license fees. Additionally, Odoo provides many modules and functionalities, eliminating the need for third-party integrations or custom development.
  • Odoo provides a highly customizable platform that allows businesses to easily customize the software, including workflows, reports, user interfaces, and data models, without the need for extensive coding knowledge.
  • The modern and user-friendly interface of Odoo makes it easily navigable and adapts to modern business scenarios.

In general, if someone asks us, 'Why Odoo?'

We summarize it as a comprehensive business software, more than just an ERP, that addresses the critical points of complex architecture, complex pricing, lack of flexibility, and outdated software by offering a modular, customizable, cost-effective, and modern solution for SMEs and larger enterprises.

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