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20 February 2024


Midó Grup, the young and innovative company with the most flavor in Barcelona, with a physical restaurant and catering service, faced challenges such as:

  • Delays in order delivery.
  • Manual calculation of ingredients.
  • Lack of automations to control stock in the warehouse.
  • Discoordination between the dining room staff and the kitchen team.
  • Accounting affected by lack of technological resources.

At Albira Solutions, we help them address these needs and carry out the implementation with Odoo ERP, the simplest, most efficient, and affordable solution in today's market. Thanks to this implementation, they have achieved:

In the bakery:


  • Delivery of orders without delays.
  • Calculation of ingredients with automated tools.
  • Real-time visibility of stock.
  • Automatic restocking.
  • Accounting updated in real-time.

In the restaurants:


  • Impeccable coordination between the dining room staff and the kitchen team.
  • Orders are sent directly to the kitchen: No delays, no room for errors!
  • Automation of closing with automatic ticket summing.
  • Point of Sale (POS) system with automated closure and automatic ticket sum.
  • POS integrated with Odoo's purchasing, sales, inventory, and manufacturing management.
  • Better service and increased customer satisfaction.

We are delighted to hear the words of Lluís Vilaplana, CEO of Midó Grup:

"Albira Solutions served us the perfect array of technological solutions. Thanks to their collaboration, we have eliminated delays in orders, improved coordination between staff and kitchen, and optimized our accounting processes. Their expert advice has been crucial to our digital success."

Lluís Vilaplana - CEO de Midó Grup

We thank Midó Grup for trusting us with this project and allowing us to play a fundamental role in their digital transformation. It's rewarding to see how the implementation of Odoo has seamlessly integrated into their operations.

If you want a taste of this technological delight for your company, don't wait any longer! At Albira Solutions, we are ready to serve you the most delicious digital dish your company has ever tasted. Click here to discover how we can spice up your business with the best solutions!

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