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10 May 2024


With the emergence of ChatGPT in 2022, we glimpsed the vast potential of generative artificial intelligence to optimize tasks in various business areas such as sales, marketing, and programming. Since then, Salesforce, a global technology leader and pioneer in AI, has intensified efforts to integrate this new AI into its cloud platforms. The goal is to simplify interaction with their products, enrich data analysis and decision-making, facilitate content creation, and expand process automation.

The fruit of this effort is Einstein Copilot, a new tool available to Salesforce customers with Enterprise or Unlimited licenses. Below, we detail what it is and how you can benefit from it.​

What is Einstein Copilot?

Einstein Copilot is a powerful tool driven by generative artificial intelligence that seamlessly integrates with the user experience across all Salesforce applications.

Copilot simplifies work by allowing users to ask questions or give instructions in natural language. Additionally, it leverages the integration of unstructured data in the Salesforce Data Cloud, expanding its ability to understand a wide variety of data and generate personalized responses and actions.

Key benefits of Copilot:

  • Empowers users to create personalized assistants tailored to each workflow.

  • Guides users in their daily tasks, simplifying routine activities and freeing up to 30% of time, thus improving overall productivity.

  • Provides a unified view of all data, regardless of its source, facilitating understanding and analysis for more informed decision-making.

  • Its ability to understand unstructured data enables offering customers an experience tailored to their individual needs.

  • Automatically suggests actions and action plans after each interaction with the customer, anticipating their needs and improving service effectiveness.

  • Creates messages, actions, and plans tailored specifically to each customer.

  • Prioritizes the security and privacy of your data at all times.

Use cases:

  • Sales: Facilitates account research and meeting preparation while automatically updating information in Salesforce. Additionally, it highlights key aspects, gathers customer feedback, and extracts next steps from video calls, delving into specific details during customer interactions. Generates sales emails tailored to the tone and style of each customer, and even automatically drafts clauses for inclusion in contracts.

  • Customer Service: Automates personalized and relevant responses across various channels such as email, SMS, live chat, or social media. Empowers service teams to quickly resolve customer issues through generative responses integrated into their workflow. It also synthesizes complex support cases and field service requests.

  • E-commerce: Facilitates the creation of digital stores with step-by-step assistance, automates complex tasks such as catalog management, and generates product descriptions in multiple languages, as well as personalized promotions and SEO metadata. Additionally, it allows designing customized websites with instructions in natural language.

  • Developers: Converts instructions in natural language into Apex code, suggesting more effective and accurate code. Proactively analyzes code vulnerabilities from the development environment.

  • Marketing: Automatically generates email copies for campaigns, creates smarter campaign segmentations, and designs personalized landing pages based on consumer purchase preferences and browsing behavior. It also automatically generates contact forms for each unified customer profile and post-online action surveys.

  • Tableau: Streamlines the transformation of raw data into useful information through a conversational interface. Improves analyst productivity with a natural language assistant, creating relevant visualizations, automating repetitive tasks, and promoting efficient data hygiene.

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