Ready for the Digital Revolution? The Cloud is Your Ally

31 October 2023


In our latest publication, we delve into the dilemma many companies face when deciding whether to opt for standard software, custom software, or a hybrid of the two. Although custom software offers unparalleled advantages, such as adaptability, scalability, and protection, it also has its own challenges. However, there is a crucial element that can amplify the impact of these custom solutions: The Cloud.

Rewinding three decades, all businesses relied solely on their own servers, bearing the brunt of their technical operations. But, as with everything in the tech world, everything changed with the advent of the Cloud.

What is the Cloud?

Think of the Cloud as a set of "Legos": versatile pieces that you can mix and match according to your needs to build digitalization solutions. Essentially, the Cloud is a reservoir of online technological resources that you can access without needing expensive infrastructure.

The journey of evolution

Over time, physical servers became virtualized, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. Later on, with the introduction of “containers”, greater flexibility was achieved. Today, solutions like "Serverless" are clear examples of this evolution, witnessing an increase in operational agility and promoting a more efficient handling of the Cloud.

Benefits of the Cloud

The Cloud is not just a trend; it's a necessity. Here's why:

  • Affordable and rapid digitization: 85% of companies report faster deployment of digital solutions.
  • Security: Companies using the Cloud have seen a 40% reduction in security threats.
  • Flexibility: With over 15,000 solutions available on the Cloud, the opportunities are nearly endless.

What about the non-techies?

For departments like HR and others not directly related to IT, the Cloud has facilitated a digital transition, reducing costs by up to 35% and offering more intuitive solutions.

In summary, not adopting the Cloud in this era is like not having had a website in the 2000s. It's essential for any modern development and is the bridge to the digital future.

A glimpse into the future

The Cloud continues to evolve, with innovative Artificial Intelligence services like Bedrock de AWS or Azure OpenAI designed to host services based on advanced language models, paving the way for emerging business needs.

Don't get left behind!

Join the revolution. Discover how the Cloud and ALBIRA Solutions can propel your business into the future. Contact an expert and transform your business.

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