Secrets of a Warehouse

24 January 2024


Stockouts in warehouses can cause significant losses, affecting sales, customer satisfaction, and your company's reputation.

A recent study reveals concerning figures: companies without proper software experience production declines of up to 30%, with losses ranging between 10% and 40% of annual revenue.

To address this issue, numerous companies are seeking advanced tools to optimize inventory management and achieve an effective supply chain.

At ALBIRA Solutions, we have analyzed the various tools in the current market and, after an assessment, have identified the Odoo ERP as a leading solution for warehouse and inventory management. Odoo currently has the support of 12 million users, certifying it as a mature and well-established solution.

Recently, we have guided e-commerce companies facing challenges with their current management system. They struggled with the difficulty of not having accurate and up-to-date information on inventory status, average product costs, and the ability to generate reliable forecasts, leading to inefficiencies and operational tensions.

With them, we assessed their specific needs, paying special attention to their requirements and workflow, in order to design a customized solution that perfectly fits their needs. We also take care of integrating Odoo with other systems, ensuring smooth interconnection. But we don't just limit ourselves to design and implementation; we also oversee the project's progress, including training sessions, ensuring maximum utilization of the implemented solution.

With the implementation of Odoo, these companies have managed to reduce errors and achieve efficient inventory management, optimizing routes, gaining real-time visibility of products, and facilitating entries and exits. All of this has contributed to significant cost savings.

Odoo, with over seventy applications available under a single license and at a competitive price, can be the key to sustainable growth for your company.

Discover how at ALBIRA Solutions, as Odoo partners, we can help you by clicking here. Turn challenges into growth opportunities!

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