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06 June 2023


Discover two success stories: Blueknow and Vimar Cocinas!

In this new edition of the newsletter, we want to introduce you to two practical cases of recent projects that will surely leave you impressed. Find out how to overcome the most common obstacles faced by many companies and sectors.

In both cases, our clients faced the need to scale and optimize their quotation and billing processes due to the strong growth they experienced in recent years. This rendered traditional solutions ineffective.

Would you like to discover how they managed to make the sales process more scalable and turn it into a growth engine for the company?

Blueknow: Leaders in the E-commerce Market

Let's start with Blueknow, a leading company in the e-commerce sector founded by Lino Bort and Santi Ameller. Blueknow offers SaaS solutions for the e-commerce industry, designed to prevent users from abandoning the site without making a purchase and, if they do leave, to encourage their return and subsequent purchase.

When we began collaborating with Blueknow, they were already using Salesforce CRM to manage their sales force and customer accounts. However, they encountered an obstacle: the solution they were using did not cover the quotation and billing processes.

The wide range of products and services offered by Blueknow made it difficult to parameterize all possible configurations and scenarios for creating quotes and calculating invoices, which posed challenges. For example, some services were billed only once, while others were recurring. At times, commissions were based on the billing volume, while in other cases, abandoned carts were utilized. Additionally, the commissions varied based on volume thresholds, and although there were service packages (basic, standard, and premium) combined with different options, multiple configurations and cases had to be considered.

With the help of ALBIRA, they found the perfect solution by implementing Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and Easy Invoices, allowing Blueknow to model their full range of products and services, as well as billing modalities.

Thanks to Easy Invoices, they can now create invoices within Salesforce CRM, taking into account contract conditions and customer consumption data, all in one platform.

The result? More satisfied customers! Sales representatives can now create quotes quickly, easily, and without errors. The billing process has transitioned from being manual and tedious, relying on spreadsheets, to being automated, considering discounts, promotions, and customized configurations.

"At Blueknow, we faced the challenge of automating the journey from opportunities to invoicing. Thanks to our collaboration with ALBIRA Solutions, we have succeeded in automating a previously manual process and centralizing another one that was decentralized. As a result, all management is now carried out on a single platform, Salesforce. The ability to adapt has been the key factor that has made a difference in working with ALBIRA Solutions."

-Santi Ameller-


Vimar Cocinas: Experience, Quality, and Price

Vimar Cocinas specializes in the design and custom manufacturing of high-quality and durable kitchens. They have their own factory that allows them to bring their customers' home dreams to life and offer them at the most competitive prices in the market.

Vimar Cocinas reached out to us seeking a solution to digitize their quotation and billing processes. Up until that point, they were working with documents in Word, Excel, and PDF formats. However, the growth of their business necessitated digitizing these processes to make them more efficient and scalable.

With our collaboration, Vimar Cocinas implemented Salesforce CRM along with Easy Invoices. We imported their accounts, contacts, products, and prices into the platform, customizing the quotes and invoices according to their corporate image and specific configuration. As a result, they can now generate quotes and issue invoices quickly and accurately.


Overcome challenges like Blueknow and Vimar Cocinas! Discover how Salesforce CRM, along with Easy Invoices can transform your business. Share your story with us and firsthand experience how we can assist you!

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