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CASE STUDY: Digital Transformation in the food industry


Albira has been engaged in a digital transformation project for a customer in the food sector. The company, Oilmotion (oilmotion.com), located in Barcelona, advises businesses in the food industry on optimizing costs and processes with the design of their gastronomic offers.

Like most companies in this sector, until recently Oilmotion used documents and spreadsheets to store and manage recipes and gastronomic offers (cartes, menus, buffets, etc.) that it helped design for its customers. It also used spreadsheets to keep track of suppliers, providers and costs.

However, this solution meant managing ingredient cost changes was a constant challenge, team collaboration was far from optimal and creating and sharing all the work documentation for the customer was an arduous task.

Introducing CookDesign, a collaborative web tool to design and manage gastronomic offers

To overcome these challenges and increase their competitive advantage, Oilmotion decided to build a new collaborative platform, named CookDesign (cookdesign.es) to improve their control on recipes' ingredient costs and processes and streamline the design and management of gastronomic offers.

To that end, Oilmotion partnered with Albira as their technology provider to build this new tool which is already in production and being used on a daily basis by Oilmotion and its customers.

With CookDesign, a chef can now log into the platform and create new recipes (dishes, drinks, products or subproducts) using a large and current repository of ingredients, easily define its composition and enter the list of manufacturing steps accompanied with pictures and videos. CookDesign automatically calculates the recipe cost and its allergens. When needed, the chef can download a pdf document of the recipe it has just created. Different templates are available: descriptive, commercial, production or analytic.

Using these recipes, the chef can build gastronomic offers with its own structure of families and subfamilies and set the pricing. CookDesign will alert the chef if the price set for a recipe or gastronomic offer is below manufacturing cost or the margin is below a predefined threshold.

CookDesign includes a number of other functions such as calculating composition amounts for different production quantities, keeping a history of recipe changes or configuring the ‘location’ of the recipe so that only users who have access to this location can view the recipe.

Users can generate many reports such as the list of all allergens, ingredients or subproducts in a gastronomic offer, or print the entire book of a gastronomic offer which includes the list of all the recipes and subproducts that its composed of, along with information for each of them.

Managing providers and costs efficiently

Managing providers and costs is much improved and simplified with CookDesign. A chef can add providers and a catalog of articles for a business location or destination. When the net price of a provider article changes, CookDesign automatically updates the cost of all recipes and gastronomic offers that include this recipe so that costs are always current.

Solution Benefits

With CookDesign, Oilmotion is achieving greater levels of efficiency and delivering better results to its customers by:

  • Empowering team collaboration and making gastronomic design processes simpler and more agile;
  • Allowing easier and faster access to gastronomic information to employees;
  • Achieving faster project turn-around with improved processes;
  • Spending more time on value added tasks that focus on design and creativity;
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by making information sharing simpler either by generating complex reports at the click of a mouse or giving customers access to the platform.

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