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Integrating collaboration services into web apps with Rainbow

Rainbow is a cloud-based platform built by Alcatel-Lucent that enables developers to integrate communications features (audio, video, messaging…) into applications using Rainbow’s communication API.

comways, a leader in the field of Omnichannel customer contacts management in Europe, engaged Albira to participate in the integration of Rainbow into a web application to enable feature-rich collaboration services like contact management, presence, chat, audio/video call, screen and file sharing.

comways builds solutions for organizations to manage digital conversations with their front and back office and is an expert in delivering projects for contact centers using Alcatel-Lucent platforms.

comways approached Albira mainly for its expertise in building Angular and Node.js applications given that Rainbow’s SDK integrates with Angular on the client side and Node.js on the server side. The chosen application architecture was based on MEAN stack, ie, MongoDB as the database, ExpressJS and Node.js in the API backend, and Angular for the web app. The application also used Twilio API to send SMS messages to users. It was deployed to the cloud using AWS' Fargate service.

We found it was easy to integrate and use Rainbow both on the front and the backend, and the SDKs to be packed with functionality, well-documented and straightforward to use. Ultimately, it was a fun project for us and we really enjoyed working with the team at comways.

More importantly, the results met all the expectations.As Rainbow gets more and more momentum, we look forward to strengthen our collaboration with comways with future business communication projects.

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