AWS Summit 2018

We were at the AWS Summit in Madrid to find out more about the latest and upcoming AWS products in the areas of big data analytics, containers/serverless and machine learning.

The summit was a full day event which started with a keynote from AWS CTO, Werner Vogels, and continued with back-to-back sessions organized by topics:

  1. Optimizing operations in the cloud
  2. Day-one on AWS
  3. AI on AWS
  4. Migrating to the cloud
  5. Big data analytics
  6. Cloud excellence in big enterprises

There were lots of talks from current AWS customers sharing their projects and experiences with AWS cloud.

Of particular interest to us for current and future projects were tools such as Fargate, Lambda, SageMaker, Athena , Redshit and Quicksight.

And with that, as Werner says, Go Build!

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