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ALBIRA releases new site using Angular Universal

ALBIRA has recently finished a new web site for one of its customers using Angular Universal. The new website, MyCookDesign, is a landing page for Oilmotion, an emerging player in the sector of gastronomic services in Spain.

The Angular Universal project consists of the base platform API and the surrounding tools that enables developers to do server side rendering(or pre-rendering) of Angular applications. The platform API part has been merged into Angular core as of 4.0.

Having worked extensively with Angular on other applications, such as CookDesign , we were quite pleased with our experience with Angular Universal. Because ChefPercent is a lading page, it was important for us to have a load time as fast as possible and, even if load times can be greatly optimized in traditional Angular apps, it is still not equivalent to server side rendering.

Ultimately, being able to combine server side rendering and the power of Angular on the client-side, is what really impressed us about Angular Universal.

There are some downsides at this time with Angular Universal, mainly that there are still a number of Angular components that have not been updated to work with Angular Universal and required some customization. Nevertheless, this will certainly be addressed in the coming months as more developers start usign it.

Albira is a software and cloud services firm. We have specialized in developing web apps using MEAN stack, ie, a framework that combines Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular and NodeJS and deploying them on Amazon Web Services using services such as ElasticBeanstalk, EC2 Container Services, RDS, ElastiCache, Route 53, Simple Queue Service, etc.

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