Miquel Fonolleda
Miquel Fonolleda, CEO

We are an IT product and services firm specialized in cloud, web and big data analytics.

We are a group of people with different styles, personalities and opinions but united by a common desire to build simple, reliable and easy to use products that simply make people's life easier. Simply put, if our products and services can contribute by any means to achieving that goal then we're a happy bunch!

Founded in 2009, Albira Solutions is based in Barcelona, an attractive destination that offers strong IT and business competence combined with some of the leading academic institutions in the world. Through the years Barcelona has been a source of creativity and new ideas and this is the spirit that has been instilled in our company since its inception.

What sets us apart?

We differentiate ourselves through our broad service offering, technical excellence and continuous desire to outperform. We strive to bring innovative and thought provoking ideas to our clients to achieve higher performance. In all our engagements we seek to build long lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

We consider our employees our most valuable asset and as such we make sure we invest in their career growth and personal development. We have built a valuable intellectual capital through the years which we use for best practices and implementation insights.

Our values

Our values are based on the pillars of integrity, teamwork, respect for every individual and professionalism.

We are committed to integrity in all of our business dealings and we recognize that success is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of all of our Team Members. We treat every individual with respect and we draw strength from equal opportunity and diversity. We are committed to the highest standards and we are determined to deliver outstanding quality so that our relationships with our clients will be long lasting and close.

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