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26 January 2023


At Albira Solutions, we understand the significance of digitalizing processes to drive productivity and add value. While not all companies are open to changing their ways of working, the results of a collaboration with a forward-thinking organization are truly remarkable. We are thrilled to share the success story of our involvement in the digital transformation of ANELAIR, a Málaga-based company specializing in electrical installations and air conditioning.

Our collaboration with ANELAIR caught the attention of ASEITEC (Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies of Catalonia), which showcased our work extensively in their digital media. An interview with Miquel Fonolleda, CEO of ALBIRA Solutions, and Juan Jesús Martín, General Manager of ANELAIR, provided further insights into this transformative project.

Over several months, we focused on enhancing ANELAIR's document management and field work documentation through digital transformation. ANELAIR, known for their "360°. Complete control of the installation" solutions, specializes in large-scale installations and offers all-in-one services encompassing electricity, fire protection, and air conditioning. Our objective was to develop a customized program that enabled real-time monitoring of every project, fostering better coordination and positioning ANELAIR as an industry leader.

Gaining efficiency through multi-platform development

Juan Jesús Martín explained in the interview with ASEITEC the starting point of the project: "The idea was to become more efficient and productive by eliminating manual processes that were prone to errors, misplacements, and duplications. The challenge we presented to Albira Solutions was to develop software that would allow us to create all the reports, both for project monitoring and commissioning, in a 100% digital manner. We wanted to have access to all the reports for consultation and editing, whether by technicians or management. We aimed for agile and effective control and monitoring of all ongoing projects."

To ensure success, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of ANELAIR's requirements, capturing their perspective through user stories. These user stories were carefully reviewed and approved by ANELAIR before commencing development. We placed great emphasis on defining the functional and technological solutions to meet their needs.

A technology solution based on Microsoft's Power Apps

For the implementation phase, we opted for Microsoft's Power Apps platform, leveraging its simplicity and versatility. Since ANELAIR was already using Microsoft Office 365, the adoption of this technology was seamless and provided added value.

"The result has been fantastic."

The development process followed the agile Scrum methodology, characterized by short development cycles and client validation at the end of each cycle. ANELAIR's unwavering availability and collaboration were instrumental to the project's success. Their feedback speaks volumes: "The experience has been unbeatable." We deeply appreciate their trust in our capabilities. Developing partnerships with unknown developers entails risks, but the remarkable results achieved have justified their decision.

Throughout the process, every member of our team exhibited a consistently positive and proactive attitude, actively listening to and understanding ANELAIR's needs. We offered effective solutions to unexpected challenges and provided unwavering support during the design, development, and implementation phases. ANELAIR was in good hands, benefitting from highly productive work meetings with our dedicated personnel.

Digital transformation as a dynamic process

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In the interview, Miquel Fonolleda elaborated on the objectives of digital transformation, emphasizing that these goals may vary depending on the industry, company size, and specific organizational needs. However, the fundamental objectives encompass optimizing internal processes, improving the customer experience, driving innovation, and enabling data-driven decision-making. Collaboration is also vital, facilitated through digital tools and platforms that enable real-time communication.

It is crucial to recognize that digital transformation is an ongoing and dynamic process, demanding continuous adaptation to achieve established objectives.

Are you seeking to enhance and optimize processes within your organization?

If your organization is seeking process improvements and success in the digital era, the ANELAIR case is a testament to how our work can bring substantial benefits to companies. At Albira Solutions, we are passionate about taking on new digital transformation challenges. Whether you aim to enhance agility or increase productivity, we are your trusted partner for digital innovation. Contact us today, and let us guide you in enhancing your business and achieving success in the digital landscape.

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