Jamstack: high-performance web generation without high costs.

26 January 2023


When creating a corporate website, it is crucial to think about performance to achieve an optimal end result. To do so, we have different key parameters such as loading speed, accessibility, and user experience. However, the problem in many cases is that the website was not designed with performance in mind. Additionally, we often find more complex and expensive-to-maintain websites, especially those that require a content management system and a database, such as those developed with Joomla or Wordpress.

Maintenance as a hindrance for a new website

These types of websites require constant maintenance efforts, server updates, infrastructure costs, and present a high potential vulnerability in terms of security. They require proactive protection against hackers, who are a constant threat, as they can steal highly sensitive data at any time. Therefore, the high maintenance effort for a website also implies an investment in fixed costs such as security and infrastructure, making them expensive to maintain.

Viable alternatives to Wordpress or Joomla

So, is there a feasible alternative in the market to create high-performance websites that do not require high maintenance costs and are more secure? There are, indeed, and this is an ideal time to learn about them, as the launch of the Digital Kit for SMEs represents a great opportunity to boost digitalization, gain profitability, and better business management.

Jamstack, a secure and economical alternative

An interesting option that achieves high loading speed is Jamstack. It is a system that generates 100% static content, so it does not depend on a content management system. There is no need to upload versions of the content management system that can suddenly stop working. Jamstack allows caching all web content on a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is a set of servers located in different points of a network that contain local copies of different types of content, such as documents, music, images, videos, or websites. These servers are distributed and stored on other servers in different parts of the world, making it possible to serve this content more efficiently and quickly.

A new approach in web development

With Jamstack, professionals have a magnificent alternative for web development because it allows them to stop worrying about the server and infrastructure and focus only on the construction phase. The backend and frontend are decoupled, which means that the developer can concentrate on one area and does not have to be an expert in all areas. In summary, Jamstack websites do not require querying a database because all files are already compiled and sent to the browser from the CDN itself.

Google and Web Vitals

But let's put ourselves in a specific situation regarding performance optimization. In the Web Vitals project, Google, as the main reference, considers these 3 factors as the main performance indicators:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) --> It mainly measures the loading speed by reporting the loading time of the heaviest content piece.
  • First Input Delay (FID) measures the interaction with the site, that is, the time between the first user interaction with the page and the response of the page to that interaction.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) measures the page loading stability.

Google Web Vitals

Rakuten 24, a success story

As an example of web performance optimization, we can mention the case of Rakuten 24, in which they were able to improve user experience and business growth by understanding the importance of focusing on web performance. When facing this challenge, showing stakeholders the exact return on investment (ROI) that can be generated is the best way to get them involved.

Time to think about the new model

As we have indicated, the arrival of the Digital Kit can be a great opportunity to digitally transform a SME. But it must be done with well-prepared digital agents, with web developers capable of implementing technology like Jamstack. In this case, at Albira Solutions we are accredited as digital agents. Contact us and we can offer you a tailored proposal for the development of a cutting-edge web with no maintenance costs. Now is a key moment to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the government.

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